New mobilephone update in Facebook can allow users to search old posts with keywords

At present the feature hasn’t been released and it is still on its developmental stages. So far only few people had tested the service.
Good news for avid users of the social media website Facebook, as apps for various mobile devices will be available very soon to allow the users to see their old posts that they have posted with their friends by way of searching with keywords.
The social media giant, Facebook is doing its best to ensure that the users will be able to have satisfactory user experience by coming up with novelty app. Facebook had earlier rolled out the so-called ‘Graph Search’ feature that aids the users to look for particular information they needed.
The new feature will indeed be fun as it allows the users to travel back time and reminisce the good ole times they have shared with their friends, relatives, colleagues and among others. Looking for old posts will enable the users to get the information they needed while saving time and effort.
This can be great news for everybody, but for some this will be quite bothering since the new feature since disturbing posts they have posted online before can now be easily summoned back and can be able for comments and likes.
The apps will let the users have a view of the past gatherings, functions or events by posting specific keywords they like. To date, Facebook is providing more power to the users. Nevertheless, there are still qualms on the part of the people regarding how the social networks manage their data.

Apple once again denied sales ban on Samsung devices in ongoing patent case

A court ruling by Judge Lucy H. Koh from the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, said; "Apple hasnot established that it is entitled to the permanent injunction it seeks. Apple's motion for a permanent injunction is therefore denied."
A federal U.S. judge denied Apple's request to slap a sales ban on the Galaxy S3 and older smartphones manufactured by Samsung Electronics.

The filing pointed out that Apple is moving based "only" on the three patents to keep Samsung from making, selling, developing or advertising its products.

The U.S. judge said, "Apple has not satisfied its burden of demonstrating irreparable harm and linking that harm to Samsung's exploitation of any of Apple's three infringed patents. Apple has not shown that it suffered any of these alleged harms because Samsung infringed Apple's patents."

Samsung said it welcomed the ruling. "We remain committed to providing American consumers with a wide choice of innovative products," the Korean company said.

"This decision is good news not only for Samsung but also for Google, the developer of the Android mobile operating system etc," German-based intellectual property expert Florian Mueller said on its popular FossPatents blog.

In this second California case, Apple is essentially suing Samsung as a proxy for Google, said the expert.

Mueller expects Koh will "very soon" rule on the parties' other post-trial motions.

"Apple wanted almost 20 times more money than the jury awarded," Mueller added.

Samsung is pushing for a further adjustment in its favor, especially for the invalidation of certain asserted patent claims, while Apple would ideally like a retrial because the damages award was disappointing from its point of view, Mueller said.

The ruling is expected to lay the groundwork for Samsung and Apple to drop their ongoing patent litigation in the United States.

The 2 organizations earlier agreed to drop all lawsuits, internationally , other than those in the United States after Samsung Electronics Vice Chairman Lee Jae-yong met with Apple CEO Tim Cook at an event with owners and CEOs at major technology companies in the Silicon Valley.

"Apple's continued inability to convince U.S. courts that its patents entitle it to drastic remedies has probably increased the likelihood of a near-term settlement of the remaining litigation between them," Mueller said.

Instagram launches Hyperlapse, an time lapse video app for iPhone


 Facebook-owned photo-sharing service Instagram has launched an app for capturing time-lapse videos using Apple mobile devices.
The Hyperlapse "app" was designed to let people easily make high-quality time-lapse videos even while moving around with a smartphone, according to InstagramHyperlapse videos can be saved on mobile devices and shared on Instagram.
"From documenting your whole commute in seconds or the preparation of your dinner from start to finish to capturing an entire sunset as it unfolds, we're thrilled about the creative possibilities Hyperlapse unlocks," Instagram said in a blog post.
Hyperlapse applications were made available only for mobile devices powered by Apple software.It will be very useful for an iPhone user and may be very faster to sharing a video file.
Market research firm eMarketer said in a report in March that nearly 35 million people in America accessed Instagram at least once each month as of the end of 2013, a jump of more than 30 percent from a year earlier.
The report said nearly 25 percent of Smartphone users in the United States will use Instagram at least once a month by the end of this year — bringing the total user base to more than 40 million.
Instagram in November began displaying ads as Facebook moved to start making money from the smartphone photo sharing service it bought in a billion-dollar deal in early 2012.

Apple offers replacement for bad iPhone 5 battery

If you are a iPhone user today there a news for you. Does your iPhone 5 run out of battery faster than you can reach a charger? If so Apple might have some bad or good news for you.
The bad: Apple has determined that “a very small percentage” of iPhone 5 Smartphone sold between September 2012 and January 2013 were shipped with a faulty battery. The good: Apple is replacing them for free.

Customers who think their phone might be affected can simply plug their serial number (found Settings > >General >> About) into this form to check, and if it’s a match, they can arrange a consultation with a local Apple store or ‘authorized service provider’.

There are plenty of caveats though: the replacement service doesn’t cover the iPhone 5s and 5c; owners will have to pay to fix any cracked screens before getting their battery replaced; and although the replacement service has started only in the US and China, other countries (including those in Europe) will have to wait till August 29.

It is not the first time this has happened, with Apple confessing to similar battery problems with the iPhone 5s back in October last year  (a few thousand devices were affected) but if your iPhone is still cursed with limited juice we recommend you check out our tips to keeping your battery going.

For most of us bad battery life is just an unexpated consequence of asking more of our Smartphone’s without any equivalent leaps forward in battery design and for all the excitement surrounding features in Apple’s upcoming iPhone 6, a two-day battery isn’t likely to be announced on the day.

If Apple can deliver on its new iPhone 6, it should be the impetus it needs to rekindle its Smartphone , which has been overtaken by Samsung. The company has been forceful with its upcoming product releases, with Senior VP Eddy Cue launching speculation ahead of the Worldwide Developers Conference held earlier in June in San Francisco.

Backoff malware attack 'more than 1,000 big businesses', warns US governments

The Homeland Security department and other govt agencies including National Cyber security On July 31, Communications Integration Center, Secret Service and their co-partners in the security industry have warned the retailers against the possible security breach, specifically about a new type of malware ‘Backoff’ which was discovered last October
A few days ago , Backoff has infected many computer systems in 51 United Parcel Service (UPS) stores across the US.

“Once the bad guys realized they were able to penetrate larger networks, they saw the opportunity to develop malware that’s specifically for credit cards and can evade antivirus programs,” Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher at a cybersecurity software firm Malware Bytes said.
According to Segura, Backoff is similar to another malware and the only difference is that it’s designed to target high-value computer systems.

Backoff ables hackers to go undetected partially due to the reason that it hasn’t been widely distributed over the web.

In a bid to provide a more secure transaction gateway, banks and businesses have been asking the retailers to get their payment systems updated so that they could move to chip-based credit cards from the obsolete one.

A security analyst for Gartner Research, said, “The weakness is the magnetic stripe. I can buy a mag stripe reader on eBay and easily read all the data from your credit card. It’s an antiquated technology from the 1960s.”

Some credit card organizations have even set a deadline for October next year to upgrade to this new payment system. Meanwhile, the security department has recommended all retailers to scan their computer systems for the malware and get their payment system protected from breach.

Stealthily App Will Block Users From Using Real Names

Users post their secrate thoughts and it's anonymous. Sometimes the use of real names can pull back the curtain and make the experience unhappy for those called out.

Secret wants to curb the use of real names by eliminating them completely. A new system will detect when a user tries to post a message with a real name and will block it.

"We've learned that the vast majority of great secrets don't have names in them, and the few that do usually aren't productive and can even be harmful," Secret wrote in its new rules, according to Apple Insider.
"We have replaced our position on the use of main names and, in addition to discouraging their use, we are actively blocking posts containing names of private individuals whenever possible."

The company's backend could always locate names in post, but now it can detect "keywords, sentiment and photos of people," according to Secret.

Secret community guidelines advise against posting threats, bullying or harassing. "W’ill delete content and we reserve the right to escalate to law enforcement if we perceive a real risk of harm to others," the company says.

The other replace to policy includes the use of personal photos. Users can no longer use photos previously taken on their phone devices, but must use the in-app camera to take pictures in the moment. In exchange, Secret will open access to billions of photos from Flickr.

Seeing as how many posters ask "yes or no" questions, Secret will also incorporate a new polling feature. Users can turn any "secret" into a question for their app friends to answer.

Microsoft will unveil Windows 9 set for September 30, report says

Microsoft's Windows 9, the successor to the widely panned Windows 8, could be shown off at the end of next month, according to a new report.
Microsoft is planning to hold a special press event on September 30 to preview off Windows 9, The Verge is reporting, citing people who claim to have knowledge of the company's plans. The date is currently "tentative," according to the report.
According to The Verge, the software maker is tentatively planning its press event for September 30th to detail upcoming changes to Windows as part of a release codenamed "Threshold.
However, the Threshold version of Windows is currently in development and Microsoft plans to decleare a preview version of what will likely be named Windows 9 to developers next month.
The early technology preview will give developers a chance to get their hands on the new mini Start Menu in Windows 9, alongside the removal of the Charms bar feature and several UI changes.